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4/21/14 - Field Changes - 8U and 10U Boys

Written by: Deonna Israel
Monday, April 21, 2014

The fields are being swapped for tonight's games due to pitching mound issues. Tonight's 8U games (scheduled on Field D) will be played on LPR Field G and the 10U games (scheduled on Field G) will now be on LPR Field D.



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Written by: Deonna Israel
Monday, April 14, 2014

As of now, ALL game schedules have been posted. The rain-outs from 4/7 and 4/8 have also been re-scheduled. Everything is listed on your team page on the LPR website. Each team should have 12 league games scheduled (14 if you count the two opening tourney games). Please check your schedules ASAP and let me know if there are any discrepancies (i.e. two games at the same time, less or more than 14 scheduled games, etc). We have already decided to take off for Good Friday and no games will be scheduled on that day. Due to the number of teams and games and the complexity of getting everything scheduled, there will be no re-schedules for Easter Break or the rest of the season. Good luck to all teams! .

Thank you,


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Written by: Julie Rayner
Thursday, April 10, 2014

The following children have pictures upstairs from last year.

They will be upstairs on the counter. Our opening tourne

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Fields are currently green flagged

Written by: Jason Buchanan
Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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Softball 6U TBall: Bret Rivero/Diamond Divas 28
Softball 6U TBall: Billy Taylor/Shockwave 17
Baseball 10U: Jerome Wiley/Rockies 3
Baseball 10U: Byron Lambert/Red Sox 11
Baseball 10U: David Triche/White Socks 1
Baseball 10U: Troy Carney/Miami Marlins 13
Softball 8U: Cole Meyers/Xplosion 21
Softball 8U: Clay Crain 0
Softball 8U: Brady Riche 6
Softball 8U: Jaime Maklary/Louisiana Lightning 0
Softball 10U: Patrick Bell/Slammers 2
Softball 10U: Julia Rayner/Shockers 10
Softball 10U: Ronnie Lambert/G.I. Janes 11
Softball 10U: Donna Clark/Lady Wolves 0
Baseball 12U: Robbie Babineau/Mariners 8
Baseball 12U: Lloyd Saxon/Diamondbacks 5
Baseball 12U: Keith Grubbs/Renegades 5
Baseball 12U: Shannon Wascom/Yankees 6
Baseball 8U CP: Clint Woods/Chicago White Sox 4
Baseball 8U CP: Anthony McMasters/Chicago Cubs 12
Baseball 8U CP: Jeffrey Williams/Red Sox 6
Baseball 8U CP: Marty Martinez/Texas Rangers 7
Baseball 15U: Ronald Brady/Red Sox 2
Baseball 15U: D.J. Labarre/St. Louis Cardinals 10
Baseball 15U: Tom Brown/Astro's 5
Baseball 15U: Randall McMorris/Miami Marlins 1
Softball 16U: Francis Martin 0
Softball 16U: Julie Simms 6
Softball 16U: Gary Young/Troublemakers 6
Softball 16U: Brad McCon 6
Softball 12U: Samantha Melton 0
Softball 12U: Marie Turner 11
Softball 12U: Lele Lee 0
Softball 12U: Corey Smith 7
Baseball 8U CP: Mike Woods 4
Baseball 8U CP: Garett Ware/Giants 19
Baseball 6U TBall: Donn Ford/Detroit Tigers 19
Baseball 6U TBall: Jack Pickard/Braves 15
Baseball 6U TBall: Rebecca Garcia/Giants 6
Baseball 6U TBall: Darrel Posey/Twins 14
Baseball 8U CP: James Michelli/Washington Nationals 10
Baseball 8U CP: Kalil El-Khansa/Atlanta Braves 13
Softball 6U TBall: Jonathan Aime/"The Divas" 4
Softball 6U TBall: Monte Arabie/Angels 21
Baseball 6U TBall: Roxanne Guidry/LPR Tigers 14
Baseball 6U TBall: Jessy Roberts/Blue Jays 16
Softball 6U TBall: Sommer Stewart/Pretty Tough 13
Softball 6U TBall: Gloria Holifield/Heartbreakers 14

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